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About Flick Anticimex

To Prevent and Protect

Giving our customers peace of mind in their daily lives has always been the core focus of Flick Anticimex. We have been providing reliable, safe and professional pest management & hygiene services since 1918. Through prevention, new technology and sustainable solutions we meet the demands for healthy environments.

Our aim is to provide safe & effective hygiene & pest control protecting our customers’ environments from pests and bacteria to avoid bad health, business interruptions and economic losses.

Flick Anticimex operates from 36+ branches and depots across Australia and New Zealand, with a vast network of pest control & hygiene operators offering superior localised service in line with global best practice standards to meet client needs. Our widespread coverage encompasses servicing 54,000+ B2B sites on behalf of 46,000 customers and over 100,000 residential customers. Flick Anticimex looks forward to enjoying accelerated growth in the Asian market through our recent entry into Singapore and Malaysia.

In 2013, Flick Pest Control was acquired by Anticimex, an international service company for both businesses and consumers. Anticimex operates in 16 countries and has functions in pest control, food safety, building environments, fire protections and insurance. To prevent and protect is our motto and it has been a well-tried concept by Anticimex since 1934.

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