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Washroom & Hygiene Services

We are dedicated to helping you define your needs and recommending premium washroom solutions for your business.

Do you want to know more about our range of hygiene and washroom services?

Running the risk of poor hygiene just isn't worth it. Not only can it destroy the reputation of your business, it can also expose your staff and customers to nasty illnesses. Here at Flick, we care about your washroom! 

Why hygiene at your workplace matters:

Cross-contamination can easily occur in your washroom, kitchen & locker room as microorganisms multiply rapidly in moist environments. In addition, washrooms contain a large number of airborne pathogens. Good workplace hygiene services are important in order to:

  • Improve employee health & wellbeing
  • Reduce employee illness
  • Increase workplace productivity
  • Improve workplace morale

Flick offers hygiene products and services that help prevent cross contamination.

What are the hygiene requirements at your workplace?

Flick offers a comprehensive and consistent washroom service program. We look after installation of hardware and ensure regular servicing to maintain a fresh, hygienic environment. We provide the following products:

WashroomReceptionOpen Plan Office
Sanitary Units Hand Sanitiser Spray Odour Neutraliser Air Freshener
Air Fresheners
Anti-Bacterial Toilet Sprays
Urinal & WC Sanitising Solutions
Toilet Paper & Hand Towels
Soap Dispensers
Hand Dryers

We offer the following washroom services:

  • Air Freshener Service - our air fresheners give users a positive impression of your washroom or any workplace environment with a pleasant customised fragrance while eliminating negative odours. Learn more here!
  • Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray - anti-bacterial sprays guard against possible infection and reduce health risks associated with bacteria and cross contamination. Learn more here!
  • Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat Spray - easy-to-use Flick Anticimex Toilet Seat Spray units provide the individual with the opportunity to clean and sanitise surfaces effectively before use, killing up to 99.9% of common germs. Learn more here!
  • Bacterial Treatment - our Bacterial Treatment and intensive Deep Clean eliminate all odour-causing bacteria keeps urinals and WCs bacteria and odour-free. Learn more here!
  • Bio Tabs - Bio Tabs are perfectly designed to be in contact with liquids in the urinals regardless of the amount of water that is flushed through the system. Learn more here!
  • Hygiene Consumables - from large facilities to small commercial businesses, Flick Anticimex provides our customers with a cost effective and modern approach to their hygiene consumable needs. For more information on our hygiene consumables, visit our Hygiene Consumables page.
  • Nappy Disposal Service - our nappy service provides a dependable, environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient method to dispose of nappies. Learn more here!
  • Sanitary Units - Flick Anticimex Sanitary Units reduce health and safety risks to your patrons and staff and offer a trusted solution for sanitary waste removal. Learn more here!
  • Sharps Disposal - Flick Anticimex's range of sharps disposal units are designed for the safe storage and disposal of contaminated needles and sharps. Learn more here!
  • Soap Service - the use of soap and water is the most effective hand hygiene method, proven to reduce sickness, absenteeism and loss of productivity. Learn more here!
  • Urinal and WC Sanitisers - dangerous bacteria can become airborne after a toilet is flushed, but our urinal and WC sanitisers effectively combat this. Learn more here!
  • Vending Machines - Flick Anticimex offers a wide range of washroom vending machine products and hygiene equipment. Learn more here!

Why use Flick for your Integrated Hygiene Solutions?

Flick has the extensive experience and infrastructure needed to deliver our integrated hygiene programmes through all branches nationally. We also have access to employees and exclusive subcontractors or agents embedded in local communities. Together we deliver localised, professional, high quality and compliant services across all state contracts. Our team and operations include:

  • 800+ front-line operational personnel, administration staff and remote agents
  • 27 Flick branches and depots throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • 450+ Flick vehicles, coordinated on a daily basis to deliver quality services nation-wide
  • Dedicated hierarchy of management, control and systems

Good hygiene is part and parcel of running a great business and keeping your customers and employees happy and healthy. Let us take care of your workplace's hygiene needs so you can focus on the other tasks needed for your business.

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