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Air Freshener

Give your washroom a pleasant smell that doesn't just mask odours, but eliminates them!

Our air freshener dispenser and fragrances bring back quality to your washroom, with digitally programmed dispensers and tailored odour neutralisers. The fragrances are customised to suit your needs, releasing slowly during the day according to the size and use patterns of your washroom. Bad odours have negative effects on the reputation of your business and on the health of washroom users, so don't deter your employees and customers from using your washroom. Let them enjoy the subtle scents of your air fresheners.

Benefits of our air fresheners:

  • Customised spray settings with flexible programming options allowing costs to be fixed
  • Matching fragrance delivery with odour control to individual location conditions
  • All units are installed and programmed by our qualified technicians to meet your individual requirements and serviced at regular intervals.
  • Key locked dispenser to prevent theft of batteries and consumables.
  • Wide range of fragrances including Odour Neutralisers where persistent malodours occur
Our Air Freshener eliminates bad odours
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