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Sanitary Units

Rely on our trusted and discreet solution for sanitary waste removal, giving your customers and staff peace of mind.

All our sanitary units fulfil the most stringent hygiene standards for universal cubicle access and placement and come in both automatic and manual types. We combine the strictest hygiene standards with discreet removal service to reduce discomfort for all those using our sanitary bins.

We offer a flexible service schedule to meet your individual requirements. Don't let the freshness and image of your brand go down the toilet due to a lack of proper sanitary unit maintenance.

Benefits of our Sanitary Units:

  • Slim profile sanitary units for universal cubicle access and placement;
  • Equipment size to fit your specific site requirements;
  • Regular service of units with an environmentally safe disposal of waste in accordance with EPA standards;
  • Units removed from the site and replaced with a fully sanitised unit at each service by trained Flick Anticimex personnel (not applicable with In-Cubicle Servicing);
  • Innovative In-Cubicle Service option whereby units are fully sanitised on site and all waste removed;
  • Fragrant Pyrethrum impregnated liner which is fully bio-degradable and environmentally friendly;
  • Flexible service schedule to suit your individual requirements; and
  • Customised and discreet service.
Our sanitary waste removal reduces the dangers to health and safety of your employees and customers.
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