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Do you hear sounds in the roof?

Pest proof your roof and rest easy!

Are you hearing noises in the roof?

Are you hearing scratching, hissing, or crawling noises from the ceiling? Perhaps you're hearing them in the attic? It's most likely that a little, furry or feathery family has made a home in the roof cavity.

What are the noises?

There are three culprits who are most likely causing these noises.


Pest birds like Indian Mynas and pigeons cause havoc with their bird droppings defacing properties and their potential to spread a variety of diseases. In particular, the Indian Myna bird is a pest not just to humans but other native nesting animals, like the Noisy Miner (native Australian bird). Both Indian Mynas and pigeons frequent suburban areas looking to nest in roof cavities and anywhere that has sufficient shelter.


These native Australian marsupials are notorious for their loud screeching in the middle of the night. You might also hear little pattering of their feet on your roof or even inside, in your attic. You might also hear noises that range from grunting, growling and hissing. People may be irritated, unbothered or scared by the noises, but either way, these nocturnal animals won't be mindful of your attempt at a good night's sleep.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are an introduced pest, causing a variety of problems for households and businesses. This notorious pest, like the possum, is most active during the night, which is when you'll hear the little patter of their feet in your roof cavity. The noises they make are a combination of hissing, chattering, scratching, gnawing, and squeaking. The frequency of the noise varies, either louder or softer, depending on their mood.

Why are rodents, possums and birds in the roof a problem?

Some people are unbothered by having possums and birds in their roof, assuming that they do not cause any harm. While it is true that possums and birds do not have the same tendency to chew through insulation and wires as rodents do, possums can harbour diseases and can accidentally trap themselves inside your roof, killing themselves, and creating a pungent, unpleasant odour. On the other hand, allowing birds to nest in your roof, and can build large, communal families that are noisy and drive out other native birds within the area.

Rodents are considered a major problem for households. Their incessant need to chew means that they will gnaw on the insulation and wires in between your walls or in your roof cavity. Rodents often chew through insulation casings that protect wires and once exposed, the wires become a safety hazard and may cause fires. In addition, rodents can spread harmful bacteria through interaction with their dropping or dust contaminated by their droppings. This bacteria is what causes diseases like leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and more!

How to get rid of birds in your roof?

A qualified technician is required to handle and remove birds from your property. There are specific regulations in place, differing according to each state and territory. Flick Anticimex is your qualified and trusted professional who provide bird control solutions for both residential and commercial customers. We can install a variety of bird control solutions including netting, shock systems, metal flashing and more. We also provide baiting and trapping services for pigeons, starling, Indian Mynas, and sparrows.

Exclusive to Adelaide homes, we offer gutter shields and installation, perfect for those searching for a durable and discreet looking gutter guard. Gutter guards block the bird's entry into the pipes that lead into the roof cavity. For more information, feel free to call 08 8133 1200.

Australian law protects Australian birds, however qualified technicians, like those at Flick, are allowed to control the activity of introduced species. For more information, feel free to read our Pest Bird Info Sheet.

How do we remove possums in the roof?

Possums are an introduced species, brought from Australia by European settlers and have wreaked havoc on the dairy industry, farming industry, and native species. Flick Anticimex are licensed professionals in removing possums from your property.

How do we control rats and mice?

We have a variety of rodent control measures including our new, intelligent rodent solution, SMART, which is exclusively offered to businesses. Flick Anticimex offers a variety of rodent bait stations and rodent baits that can be installed around your home. Our bait stations are locked and tamper proof, keeping your pets and children safe. Unfortunately, rats and mice may take the bait away from the station, leaving residue outside of the box. We simply recommend that you regularly check and clean the area around your rodent bait station(s).

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