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Beetle Control

Having a problem with beetles and need beetle control? Flick’s pest control technicians are familiar with the treatment of beetles.

There are over 350,000 different known beetle species across the world and can be found in a variety of places. Most beetles wiOne common feature of all beetles is the neck shield that covers the front part of the body and protects the wings meet at the back. A beetle's stages of development go from egg, larva, pupa to a fully formed insect. Very often the larvae causes damage while the presence of beetles may simply be a sign of moisture problems.

Common beetle questions:

What kind of beetles are there?
There a number of beetles that exist in New Zealand. The most pesky kind that are considered pests include the:
  • Carpet Beetle, which ruins natural fibres
  • Drug Store Beetles, which can be destructive in mills, food warehouses, shops, silos and the home pantry, damaging grains, nuts, spices, dried fruits, flour, pasta and chocolate.

These are just two examples of beetles that can cause major problems both at home and at work.

Where can I find beetles?

Depending on the whether or not the beetle is a predator or a herbivore, beetles can be found either in flowers, or on mushrooms. The herbivorous beetles feed off the pollen and nectar of flowers, and on mushrooms. Others beetles live in wood, under the bark of dead or on living trees.

Flick Anticimex Solution

With all crawling pests, frequency and flexibility are the keys to effective control.

To overcome insect pests prolific breeding it is essential to consider integrated pest management practices coupled with fumigation and residual material treatment options applied to the right harbourage areas.

Flick Anticimex trained and licenced technicians use the most appropriate treatment methods, determined after a thorough survey to ensure the best possible service and client satisfaction.

Different pests require specialised service programmes. All parts of the premises need to be thoroughly serviced and efforts made to trace the source of infestation.

NOTE: Crawling insects are a very specialised area of the pest control industry. It is important you hire a qualified pest controller to provide you with reliable advice. 

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