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Rat and Mice Control

Rodent problems start with them finding a way into buildings.

We all lock our doors, but when did you last check for:

  • Damaged brick vents
  • Broken tiling
  • Gaps under doors
  • Damaged & buckled storage entry doors
  • Gaps around plumbing where pipes enter building

Considering that mice can gain entry through a hole the width of a pencil, effective 'proofing' needs vigilance.

Common rodent questions:

What kind of rats and mice are found in NZ?
  • Black Rat/Roof Rat/Ship Rat - agile climber, pointed muzzle, large ears, long tail, the original plague carrier, droppings slightly curved in shape
  • Brown Rat/Norway Rat/Sewer Rat - lives more at ground level and in sewers. A proficient swimmer, droppings are large blunt shapes, carries diseases to man and livestock.
  • House Mouse - agile climbers, prolific breeders, and can easily enter homes. They nest and feed close to food, spreading diseases and polluting food, packaging and all surfaces. Their droppings are small, currant sized.
  • Rodents -

    Cause considerable destruction as they can gnaw electrical cables, water pipes, and packaging, bringing the risk of fire and flood in residential and commercial properties as well as rendering packaging unsaleable.

What are the signs of a rodent infestation?
  • Mouse droppings (3-6mm in length containing hair and shaped with a point on one end);
  • Greasy residue on the sides of walls (most common in cases of large rodent infestation);
  • Burrows;
  • Squeaking or gnawing noises at night time;
  • Nests made up of paper, cardboard, and/or rags; and
  • Gnawed-through wood, conduit cables, and metal.
Why are rodents so dangerous?

Rodents can be harmful to humans as they are disease carriers, even resulting in death as they carry parasites like intestinal worms. Their urine and droppings can also make humans ill, especially if they contaminate food or drinks with their excrete and fur. In addition, they ruin doors, books, upholstery, food containers, skirting boards, and cables, leaving behind exposed wires, which can lead to fires or short circuits.

Flick Anticimex Solution

Flick Anticimex offers a comprehensive service to help eliminate rats and mice. A range of dry block and grain baits, plus monitoring devices of specially formulated and approved Rodenticides are used by experienced Technicians. All baits are strategically placed and preventative measures are recommended where appropriate.

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