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As our satisfied customers can testify, Flick Anticimex is the cockroach professional. Our technicians are regularly trained and work according to national standards to deliver reliable and effective cockroach control to the New Zealand public. With regular inspections and a combination of traps, baits, and pesticides, you can protect your home from the dangers cockroaches bring like salmonella and gastroenteritis. You can put your mind at ease and put down the supermarket cockroach spray. Trust the professionals at Flick Anticimex.

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Service Process
Professional vs DIY Pest Control

There are many cockroach solutions being sold in supermarkets and hardware stores. Knowing which brand to trust and what solution to pick can be a tricky and fruitless process. Home products and techniques can rarely get rid of cockroaches from homes and businesses. They are also not as long lasting as a cockroach treatment conducted by professional pest controllers. Flick Anticimex technicians understand the patterns and habits of various pest cockroach species. Our experience and in-depth knowledge are unrivaled in forming an effective and reliable cockroach control solution.

In addition, our technicians are equipped with regular training, new generation pesticides and specialised equipment that can only be handled by licensed technicians.

After Treatment Tips

Wash and clean kitchen thoroughly

Keep all foods in airtight containers

Check for where water is leaking and fix accordingly

Ensure subfloor area is well ventilated

Empty garbage and compost containers often

Try to avoid leaving pet water and food out

Seal cracks, crevices, and gaps around home

Inspect packages before allowing them into home

Bins and compost containers must have tightly closed lid

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