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Rats and mice are no match for Flick Anticimex

Rats and mice reproduce at an alarming rate, infesting homes and businesses with their offspring, faecal matter, mites and the diseases that they carry around. Two rodents can easily lead to a severe infestation, not just in your home but also in neighbouring properties. Pest professionals are key to handling rodent infestations in the long term. We offer reliable rodent solutions through the use of tamper-proof rodent traps, baits, and proven recommendations.

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Professional vs DIY Pest Control

Homeowners tend to try DIY solutions when trying to deal with rodent issues. Some homemade remedies include supermarket rat traps, the use of essential oils and mothballs. Unfortunately, a severe infestation of rodents cannot be overcome with the use of home remedies. Understanding the root of the problem is key. This can be achieved through a licensed technician who conducts a thorough inspection of your property. Locating the nest and understanding environmental conditions is essential in an integrated pest management plan that ensures rodents stay away longer. 

After Treatment Tips

Rodent control tips
to complement your IPM

If you live in a densely populated neighbourhood or in an apartment complex, we recommend coordinating with your neighbours. Coordinate activities such as cleaning up the area, fixing up the exterior of homes or changing the landscape to prevent future infestations. Together, rodent prevention will be more manageable and achievable. 

Rodent Control Tips

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