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Looking for safe and effective pest control?

Are you experiencing a pest problem or would like to prevent a pest problem in your home? Pest infestations can cost time, money and be a health risk to you and your family.

Have an unknown bug problem?

Our technicians are trained to identify and treat both local and introduced pests. 

Gary Stephenson, National Pest Technical Manager - Pacific Region

Let us Flick Anticimex, your local pest control experts help you

We continuously strive to help our customers achieve minimal pest activity around their homes using safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials. The health and safety of people, pets and the environment are a top priority at Flick Anticimex. We apply residual materials to necessary areas which may include ceilings, carpets, rugs, wood and tile flooring, effective against the heaviest infestations, yet extremely low in toxicity to humans and pets.

How can Flick Anticimex's pest control services help?

Safe solutions

We minimise as much as possible the use of chemical-laden pest control methods. Most of our treatments take place with the help of natural techniques and are completely safe for your family and pets. Wherever possible, we prefer to use solutions based on temperature or bait and trap pests using localised baits. When chemicals are used, we ensure they're effective and work to minimise risks.

Safety in the home

Pests can turn your home into a danger zone by devouring or nesting in cellulose or wood and destroying the structure of the building. It is imperative to engage pest control experts instead of attempting to handle an infestation alone, so that any structural problems can be spotted before they turn dangerous.

Caring for the environment

Here at Flick Anticimex, we've been certified as a company that's responsible when it comes to the environment. By engaging us to solve your residential pest problems, you're caring for the environment, too.

Peace of mind

You need not worry about your kids or your pets falling ill due to the overuse of harmful substances, since Flick Anticimex strives to use the safest, least toxic pest control methods possible.

Greater hygiene and lower risk of disease

Pests are often the culprits behind the spread of diseases such as streptococcus, leptospirosis, salmonella, staphylococcus, dengue fever, Ross River fever, encephalitis and even the infamous bubonic plague.

Regain control of your back yard

Pests like flies and mosquitoes can completely overrun back yards, especially in nice weather, robbing residents of enjoyment in the warmer months. Flick Anticimex will restore the comfort your yard.

Reduced cleaning time

Pests like rats, mice and cockroaches are filthy and can make your home dirty and unhygienic. Once they are eradicated, you'll no longer be forced to spend such a long time cleaning your home.

Premium services

Flick Anticimex is committed to upholding the highest standards of residential pest control in New Zealand and Australia. We've achieved Quality ISO 9001 certification, which indicates that we're constantly evaluating the quality of our work and ensuring it adheres to the stipulated standards.


We're experienced at handling the following pests:

All technicians at Flick are trained and licensed to deal with a wide range of pests, from insects and rodents to other types of wildlife. We pride ourselves on our prompt, friendly and reliable service, and on providing excellent pest control in New Zealand. We'll put an end to your pest concerns and help you to fall in love with your home all over again.

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