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New Zealand has some of the highest densities of German and common wasps in the world.

Wasps build nests in roof cavities or within walls of buildings, in the ground and among garden foliage. One of the most obvious nuisance pests, they wield a painful sting and often cause a severe allergic reaction.

Wasp stings are incredibly painful and can even prove fatal for those who suffer from allergies. Wasps can also be quite harmful, as they're known to cause the same type of contamination that comes from the common housefly, which means they can be carriers of harmful diseases. In addition, wasps are even more harmful than bees, as they are more aggressive and have a possess the ability to repeatedly sting their target.

Common wasp questions:

Can I take care of my wasp problem myself?

Personally handling a wasp problem, over calling for an expert, can prove to be extremely dangerous. Only licensed professional pest technicians should be taking care of your wasp problem, and only when they use appropriate personal protective equipment.

What attracts wasps? Wasps love anything sweet, especially fruits, soft drinks, and pastries. Anything containing protein or sugar should be kept indoors, as wasp bites on the throat or tongue are more common than assumed.

Flick Anticimex Solution

Your Flick Pest Control Technician will locate where the wasp nest is located. Treatment will vary depending on the species involved and may require a liquid pesticide or dust application (depending on the location of the nest/hive).


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